Malaysian Woman Politician Embroiled In Sex Scandal Left The Country

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 19 — In an attempt to put some distance between her and her photo scandal, Bukit Lanjan assemblyman Elizabeth Wong has left the country. Her destination has not been disclosed.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Wong announced her resignation from both her state exco position and her assembly seat. Her party has asked her to take extended leave — and to reconsider her decision when she returns.

Today she informed the media that in order to rest and find peace of mind, she has departed to a location abroad.

Wong is asking the media to show some restraint and to leave her family, friends and herself alone.

She was told that several media organisations were still planning to publish images — with the lewdness increasing — and stories about her.

Wong insists that her principles remain the same, and so are her commitments to PKR. She reaffirmed that she would not discuss her private life.

She took the opportunity to thank again well-wishers — women in particular — and party colleagues for their sustained support.

Meanwhile, Blog GutterUncensored.com the main broadcaster of semi-nude image of YB Elizabeth Wong are still suspended indifinitely from public viewing.
According to Blogger, http://thegutterpost.blogspot.com/ is under review due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations and is open to authors only.
The Blog posted several articles, images and videos of scandals including nude images of a local private clinic's nurse, scandals of nude pictures and sex videos of two female students from Universiti Lim Kok Wing in compromising acts with a foreign student and the latest one being semi nude graphic of YB Elizabeth Wong. 
Curious visitors, propelled by the murky situation surrounding YB Elizabeth Wong's resignation, flooded GutterUncensored.com by 100,000 visitors in just mere 24 hours causing the site to crash for 3 long hours.  
As a result the moderator or owner of the blog (reportedly a Malaysian residing in U.S. - citation needed), were himself unable to access the blog for good couple of hours.

credit part of the report to Malaysian Insider.

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